Abstract: With the demands of the wellbeing of in health care. One of the way we can do is intensifying footsteps. To evaluate of activity done, usually use pedometer. The presence of censorship accelerometer the cell phone android can be made application to replace application a pedometer. This application can be used to count the number of steps feet, the distance traveled and also the amounts calories was burning from the doing activities run and walk. In addition this program also can calculate the value of Body Mass Index (BMI) and Basic Metabolite Rate (BMR). Methods used in build application these are the dead reckoning with java programming language useing Android Developmen Tool (ADT). Application pedometer this were workin , was evident on when testing  error less than 5 % of the number of steps.
Keywords: Pedometer, accelerometer, android
Penulis: Taufik Rahman, Dedy Kurniawan
Kode Jurnal: jptkomputerdd170259

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