Measuring Information Security Awareness of Indonesian Smartphone Users

Abstract: One of the information security management elements is an information security awareness programme. Usually, this programme only involves the employees within an organisation. Some organisations also consider security awareness for some parties outside the organisation like providers, vendors, and contractors. This paper add consumers as variables to be considered in an information security awareness programme as there are also some threats for the organisation through them. Information security awareness will be measured from a user’s knowledge, behaviour, and attitude of five information security focus areas in telecommunications, especially related to smartphone users as one segment of telecommunication providers. For smartphone users, information security threats are not only from the Internet, but also from phone calls or texting. Therefore, the focus area in this research consists of adhering to security policy, protecting personal data, fraud/spam SMS, mobile applications, and reporting a security incident. This research uses an analytic hierarchy process (AHP) method to measure the information security awareness level from smartphone users. In total, the result indicated that the awareness level is good (80%). Although knowledge and attitude dimension are good criteria of the awareness level, the behaviour dimension is average. It can be a reason why there are still many information security breaches against smartphone users despite a good awareness level.
Keywords: information security, awareness, measurement, smartphone, users
Author: Puspita Kencana Sari, Candiwan
Journal Code: jptkomputergg140064

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