Measurement of Ultra Wideband Channel Sounding Using Vector Network Analyzer

Abstract: This paper analyzes the measurement of ultra wideband (UWB) noise channels in different indoor environments. All measurements are done using a vector network analyzer (VNA) which allows us to measure the noise channel transfer functions. We find that the noise power of the system is decreased by increasing the intermediate frequency (IF) bandwidth which leads to an increase in time taken to perform measurements of the channels. The environmental noise power been measured and find that it decreased when enclosed in a Faraday cage (steel shed), within an intense multipath measurement environment. Also, the Environmental noise decreases slightly by using the LPDA antenna compared to using the Teardrop and Horn antennas. Our results show that the Horn antenna is less suitable for UWB channel measurements compared to the LPDA directional antennas because of lower S11 (Return Loss) values. While for omnidirectional antennas, the Teardrop antenna is much more suitable than the monocone antennas for UWB measurements (due to lower S11 values) and decreases the Environmental noise power. As secondary application, we show how a frequency detection device can be used to re-adjust a maladjusted frequency selection on a remote controller for a garage door, in presence of environmental noise power.
Keywords: indoor ultrawideband (UWB), noise channels
Author: Ahmed Alshabo
Journal Code: jptkomputergg150168

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