Intelligent Monitoring System on Prediction of Building Damage Index using Neural-Network

Abstract: An earthquake potentially destroys a tall building. The building damage can be indexed by FEMA into three categories namely immediate occupancy (IO), life safety (LS), and collapse prevention (CP). To determine the damage index, the building model has been simulated into structure analysis software. Acceleration data has been analyzed using non linear method in structure analysis program. The earthquake load is time history at surface, PGA=0105g. This work proposes an intelligent monitoring system utilizing artificial neural network to predict the building damage index. The system also provides an alert system and notification to inform the status of the damage. Data learning is trained on ANN utilizing feed forward and back propagation algorithm. The alert system is designed to be able to activate the alarm sound, view the alert bar or text, and send notification via email to the security or management. The system is tested using sample data represented in three conditions involving IO, LS, and CP. The results show that the proposed intelligent monitoring system could provide prediction of up to 92% rate of accuracy and activate the alert. Implementation of the system in building monitoring would allow for rapid, intelligent and accurate prediction of the building damage index due to earthquake.
Keywords: artificial neural network, building, damage index, intelligent, monitoring
Author: Mardiyono, Reni Suryanita, Azlan Adnan
Journal Code: jptkomputergg120036

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