Abstract: An integrated information system is needed in an enterprise to support business processes run by an enterprise. Therefore, to develop information system can use enterprisearchitecture approach which can define strategic planning of enterprise information system. SMPNegeri 1 Jambi can be viewed as an enterprise because there are entities that should be managedthrough an integrated information system. Since there has been no unification of different elements in a unity yet, enterprise architecture model using Enterprise Architecture Planning (EAP) is needed which will obtain strategic planning of enterprise information system in SMP Negeri 1 Jambi. The goal of strategic planning of information system with Enterprise Architecture Planning(EAP) is to define primary activities run by SMP Negeri 1 Jambi and support activities supporting primary activities. They can be used as a basis for making data architecture which is the entities of application architecture. At last, technology architecture is designed to describe technology neededto provide environment for data application. The plan of implementation is the activity plan made to implemented architectures by enterprise.
Keywords: Information System; Enterprise Architecture; Enterprise Architecture Planning (EAP)
Author: Lola Yorita Astri, Ford Lumban Gaol
Journal Code: jptinformatikagg130009

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