ABSTRACT: The new technology of database has moved forward the relational databases. Now, the massive and unstructured data encourage experts to create a new type of database without using query. One of this technology is called NoSQL (Not Only SQL). One of the developing RDBMS that using this technique is MongoDB, which already supporting data storage technology that is no longer need for structured tables and rigid-typed of data. The schema was made flexible to handle the changes of data. The MongoDB data collecting characteristics in the form of arrays is considered suitable for the implementation of boarding house searching where each of the boarding houses have their own scenario structures. MongoDB also supports several programming language, including PHP with Bootstrap material as interface. The results of the research showed that there are alot of difference in implementing a NoSQL database with the regular relational one. NoSQL databases considered alot more complicated in structure, data type, even the CRUD system. The results also showed that in order to view an array inside another array will need two processes.
KEYWORDS: Bootstrap, Database, Google Maps, Google Street View, MongoDB, Material Design, NoSQL
Penulis: Danny Kriestanto, Alif Benden Arnado
Kode Jurnal: jptkomputerdd170193

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