Image Restoration Based on Hybrid Ant Colony Algorithm

Abstract: Image restoration is the process to eliminate or reduce the image quality degradation in the digital image formation, transmission and recording and its purpose is to process the observed degraded image to make the restored result approximate the un-degraded original image. This paper, based on the basic ant colony algorithm and integrating with the genetic algorithm, proposes an image restoration processing method based on hybrid ant colony algorithm. This method transforms the optimal population information of genetic algorithm into the original pheromone concentration matrix of ant colony algorithm and uses it to compute the parameters of degradation function so as to get a precise estimate of the original image. By analyzing and comparing the restoration results, the method of this paper can not only overcome the influence of noises, but it can also make the image smoother with no fringe effects in the edges and excellent visual effects, verifying its practicability.
Keywords: Image Restoration, Ant Colony Algorithm, Genetic Algorithm
Author: Yan Feng, Hua Lu and Xiliang Zeng
Journal Code: jptkomputergg150143

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