Image Denoising Based on K-means Singular Value Decomposition

Abstract: The image is usually polluted by noises in its acquisition and transmission and noises are of great importance in the image quality, therefore, image de-noising has become a significant technique in image analysis and processing. In the image de-noising based on sparse representation, one of the hot spots in recent years, the useful image information has certain structural features, which coincide with the atomic structure while noises don’t have such features, therefore, sparse representation can separate the useful information from the noises effectively so as to achieve the purpose of de-noising. In view of the above-mentioned theoretical basis, this paper proposes an image de-noising algorithm of sparse representation based on K-means Singular Value Decomposition (K-SVD). This method can integrate the construction and optimization of over-complete dictionary, train the atom dictionary with the image samples to be decomposed and effectively build the atom dictionary that reflects various image features to enhance the de-noising performance of the algorithm in this paper. Through simulation analysis, this method can conduct noise filtration on the image with different noise densities and its de-noising effect is also better than other methods.
Keywords: Image De-noising, K-means Singular Value Decomposition, Sparse Representation
Author: Jian Ren, Hua Lu, Xiliang Zeng
Journal Code: jptkomputergg150140

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