High Performance Computing on Cluster and Multicore Architecture

Abstract: Computing needs that is growing rapidly and more and more the need to make extensive computing resources commensurate. High computing needs can be met by using cluster and high speed processor technology. This study analyzes and compares the performance between cluster and processor technology to determine the high performance computer architecture that can support the process of computation data. Research using Raspberry Pi devices that run with the model cluster then be tested to get the value of the performance, FLOPS, CPU Time and Score. FLOPS value obtained then made equivalent to the load carried by the cluster computing Raspberry Pi. Research is also doing the same thing on the i5 and i7 processor architecture. The research use himeno98 and himeno16Large to analysis the processor and the memory allocation. The test is run on 1000x1000 matrix then benchmark with OpenMP. The analysis focuses on CPU Time in FLOPS and every architecture score. The result shows on raspberry cluster architecture have 2576.07 sec in CPU Time, 86.96 MLPOS, and 2.69 score. The result on Core i5 architecture has 55.57 sec in CPU time, 76.30 MLOPS, and 0.92 score. The result in Core i7 architecture has 59.56 sec CPU Time, 1427.61 MLOPS, and 17.23 score. The cluster and multicore architecture result shows that the architecture models effect to the computing process. The comparison showed the computing performance is strongly influenced by the architecture of the processor power source indicated on the i5 and i7 performance is getting better. Research also shows that both models of cluster and core i5 and i7 alike can process the data to complete.
Keywords: high performance computing, cluster, multicore, processor, memory
Author: Ahmad Ashari, Mardhani Riasetiawan
Journal Code: jptkomputergg150170

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