Gabor-based Face Recognition with Illumination Variation using Subspace-Linear Discriminant Analysis

Abstract: Face recognition has been an active research topic in the past few decades due to its potential applications. Accurate face recognition is still a difficult task, especially in the case that illumination is unconstrained. This paper presents an efficient method for the recognition of faces with different illumination by using Gabor features, which are extracted by using log-Gabor filters of six orientations and four scales. By Using sliding window algorithm, these features are extracted at image block-regions. Extracted features are passed to the principal component analysis (PCA) and then to linear discriminant analysis (LDA). For development and testing we used facial images from the Yale-B databases. The proposed method achieved 86–100 % rank 1 recognition rate.
Keywords: illumination, face recognition, Gabor feature, LDA, PCA
Author: Hendra Kusuma, Wirawan, Adi Soeprijanto
Journal Code: jptkomputergg120032

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