Fault Diagnosis for Substation with Redundant Protection Configuration Based on Time-Sequence Fuzzy Petri-Net

Abstract: Due to timing inconsistency, dual protection configuration and uncertainty diagnosis result characteristics of 750kV substation, fault diagnosis method of substation with redundant protection configuration which based on time sequence fuzzy Petri nets is proposed. In this method, redundant knowledge about fault component is represented by using two sets of protected information. On that basis, component redundant diagnosis-model based on time sequence fuzzy Petri net is constructed, which can be decomposed into main and redundant subnet-model. In this model, initial-information credibility is determined using information-entropy, timing constraint is checked, and initial-information credibility is corrected using the relationship between acted protection and breaker. Compared with fuzzy Petri net diagnosis method take no account of timing constraint, this method can not only identify the malfunction information, but also obtain a certain result.
Keywords: 750kV substation, redundant protection, fault diagnosis, redundant knowledge representation, time sequence fuzzy Petri Net
Author: Haiying Dong, Xiaonan Li
Journal Code: jptkomputergg130043

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