Failure Mechanism Analysis and Failure Number Prediction of Wind Turbine Blades

Abstract: Pertinent to the problems that wind turbine blades operate in complicated conditions, frequent failures and low replacement rate as well as rational inventory need, this paper, we build a fault tree model based on in-depth analysis of the failure causes. As the mechanical vibration of the wind turbine takes place first on the blades, the paper gives a detailed analysis to the Failure mechanism of blade vibration. Therefore the paper puts forward a dynamic prediction model of wind turbine blade failure number based on the grey theory. The relative error between its prediction and the field investigation data is less than 5%, meeting the actual needs of engineering and verifying the effectiveness and applicability of the proposed algorithm. It is of important engineering significance for it to provide a theoretical foundation for the failure analysis, failure research and inventory level of wind turbine blades.
Keywords: wind turbine, blades, fault number, grey model, failure mechanism
Author: Yu Chun-yu, Guo Jian-ying, Xin Shi-guang
Journal Code: jptkomputergg140074

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