Double Difference Motion Detection and Its Application for Madura Batik Virtual Fitting Room

Abstract: Madura Batik Virtual Fitting Room using double difference algorithms motion detection is proposed in this research. This virtual fitting room consists of three main stages, i.e. motion detection, determination of the region of interest of the detected motion, superimposed the virtual clothes into the region of interest. The double difference algorithm is used for the motion detection stage, since in this algorithm, the empty frame as the reference frame is not required. The double difference algorithm uses the previous and next frame to detect the motion in the current frame. Perception Test Images Sequences Dataset are used as the data of the experiment to measure the performance accuracy of this algorithm before the algorithm is used for the Madura batik virtual fitting room. The accuracy is 57.31%, 99.71%, and 78.52% for the sensitivity, specificity, and balanced accuracy, respectively. The build Madura batik virtual fitting room in this research can be used as the added feature of the Madura batik online stores, hence the consumer is able to see whether the clothes is fitted to them or not, and this virtual fitting room is also can be used as the promotion of Madura batik broadly.
Keywords: Motion Detection, Double Difference, Augmented Reality, Virtual Fitting Room
Author: Rima Triwahyuningrum, Indah Agustien Siradjuddin, Yonathan Fery Hendrawan,
Journal Code: jptkomputergg150172

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