Design and Simulation of Small Space Parallel Parking Fuzzy Controller

Abstract: Based on the nonlinearity and time-variation of automatic parking path tracking control system, we use fuzzy control theories and methods to explore the control rules to improve fuzzy controllers anddesign an automobile steering controller. Then we build the simulation experiment platform of anautomobile in Simulink to simulate the reversing settings of parallel parking. This paper adopts theMamdani control rules; the membership function is the Gauss function. This paper verifies the fuzzycontroller's kinematic model and the advantages of fuzzy control rules. Simulation results show that thedesign of the controller allows the automobile to stop into the parking space smaller than the space obtained by planning path, and automatic parking becomes possible in the parking plot. The controlsystem is characterized by small tracking error, fast response and high reliability.
Keywords: Parallel Parking, Fuzzy Control, Matlab Simulation
Author: Qiulin Sheng
Journal Code: jptkomputergg150054

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