Behaviors Coordination and Learning on Autonomous Navigation of Physical Robot

Abstract: Behaviors coordination is one of keypoints in behavior based robotics. Subsumption architecture and motor schema are example of their methods. In order to study their characteristics, experiments in physical robot are needed to be done. It can be concluded from experiment result that the first method gives quick, robust but non smooth response. Meanwhile the latter gives slower but smoother response and it is tending to reach target faster. Learning behavior improve robot’s performance in handling uncertainty. Q learning is popular reinforcement learning method that has been used in robot learning because it is simple, convergent and off policy. The learning rate of Q affects robot’s performance in learning phase. Q learning algorithm is implemented in subsumption architecture of physical robot. As the result, robot succeeds to do autonomous navigation task although it has some limitations in relation with sensor placement and characteristic.
Keywords: behavior based robotics, coordination, reinforcement learning, autonomous navigation
Author: Handy Wicaksono, Handry Khoswanto, Son Kuswadi
Journal Code: jptkomputergg110057

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