Battery State of Charge Estimation with Extended Kalman Filter Using Third Order Thevenin Model

Abstract: Lithium-ion battery has become the mainstream energy storage element of the electric vehicle. One of the challenges in electric vehicle development is the state-of-charge estimation of battery. Accurate estimation of state-of-charge is vital to indicate the remaining capacity of the battery and it will eventuallymaximize the battery performance and ensures the safe operation of the battery. This paper studied on theapplication of extended Kalman-filter and third order Thevenin equivalent circuit model in state-of-chargeestimation of lithium ferro phosphate battery. Random test and pulse discharge test are conducted toobtain the accurate battery model. The simulation and experimental results are compared to validate the proposed state-of-charge estimation method.
Keywords: Lithium Ion Battery, Battery Management System, State of Charge, Extended Kalman Filter, Energy Storage System
Author: Low Wen Yao
Journal  Code: jptkomputergg150095

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