ATLAS: Adaptive Text Localization Algorithm in High Color Similarity Background

Abstract: One of the major problems that occur in text localization process is the issue of color similarity between text and background image. The limitation of localization algorithms due to high color similarity is highlighted in several research papers. Hence, this research focuses towards the improvement of text localizing capability in high color background image similarity by introducing an adaptive text localization algorithm (ATLAS). ATLAS is an edge-based text localization algorithm that consists of two parts. TextBackground Similarity Index (TBSI) being the first part of ATLAS, measures the similarity index of every text region while the second, Multi Adaptive Threshold (MAT), performs multiple adaptive thresholdscalculation using size filtration and degree deviation for locating the possible text region. In this research,ATLAS is verified and compared with other localization techniques based on two parameters, localizingstrength and precision. The experiment has been implemented and verified using two types of datasets, generated text color spectrum dataset and Document Analysis and Recognition dataset (ICDAR). The result shows ATLAS has significant improvement on localizing strength and slight improvement on precision compared with other localization algorithms in high color text-background image.
Keywords: text localization, color similarity, adaptive threshold
Author: Lih Fong Wong, Mohd. Yazid Idris
Journal Code: jptkomputergg150102

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