Abstrak: It is known that password itself is not enoughfor formidable authentication method since it has a lot of vulnerabilities. Multi factor authentication (MFA) is introduced for the next generation for good authenticationto address that issue. MFA combines two or more of three  principles of good security, “something you know”, “something you have”, and “something you are”. Most MFA mechanisms work as one time passwords (OTP). However, they can still be vulnerable to phishing and MiTM attack. On top of that, OTP can be hard to use as it requires user to input another password given by the device(SMS, token, authenticator). Implemented in small USB  U2F device, FIDO U2F delivers easier yet stronger security on authentication process which implements public key cryptography, challenge-response protocol, and phishing and MitM protection.
Index Term: Authentication protocol, FIDO U2F, Multi factor authentication, OTP
Penulis: Sunderi Pranata, Hargyo Tri Nugroho, Hirofumi Yamaki
Kode Jurnal: jptkomputerdd170298

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