An Improved Robot Path Planning Algorithm

Abstract: Robot path planning is a NP problem. Traditionaloptimization methods are not very effective to solve it. Traditional genetic algorithm trapped into the local minimum easily. Therefore, based on a simple genetic algorithm and combine the base ideology of orthogonal design method then applied it to the population initialization, using the intergenerational elite mechanism, as well as the introduction of adaptive local search operator to prevent trapped into the local minimum and improvethe convergence speed to form a new genetic algorithm. Through the series of numerical experiments, the new algorithm has been proved to be efficiency.We also use the proposed algorithm to solve the robot path planning problem and the experiment results indicated that the new algorithm is efficiency for solving the robot path planning problems and the best path usually can be found.
Keywords: function optimization, genetic algorithm, orthogonal initialization, robot path planning
Author: Xuesong Yan, Qinghua Wu, Hammin Liu
Journal Code: jptkomputergg120092

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