An Image Registration Method Based on Wavelet Transform and Ant Colony Optimization

Abstract: Image registration, as one of the basic tasks of image processing, is the process to register two images about the same objective or background which are acquired in different times, different sensors,different perspectives and different shooting conditions. In the image registration, because of the problems that the image information is complicated, they have strong correlation and incompleteness, inaccuracy and non-construction occur in different levels in the processing, to apply the method of computationalintelligence information processing in the image registration can have better results than the traditional computation methods. This paper proposes an image registration method based on wavelet decomposition and ant colony optimization, which divides the process of image registration into coarse registration andrefined registration through wavelet decomposition technique. In the coarse registration, the transformation parameter value of the image approximation component is acquired through ant colony optimization whilethe changing parameter value of the original image is obtained by the ant colony search method in the refined registration. The simulation experiment shows that this registration method has the characteristics of anti-noise, fast speed, high accuracy and high registration success rate.
Keywords: Image Registration, Wavelet Transform, Ant Colony Optimization
Author: Dapeng Zhang, Jiayan Li
Journal Code: jptkomputergg150085

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