An Ant Colony-Based Heuristic Algorithm for Joint Scheduling of Post-Earthquake Road Repair and Relief Distribution

Abstrak: Emergency road repair and distribution of relief goods are crucial for post-earthquake response. However, interrelationships between those two tasks are not adequately considered in their workschedules, especially in cases with very limited repair resources, leading to unnecessary delay and expenditure. A time-space network model is constructed to better describe the constraints arising from the interrelationships in joint scheduling of road repair and relief distribution works. An ant colony-based Heuristic algorithm is developed to solve the NP-hard model efficiently for practical use, followed by a case study of Wenchuan Earthquake to validate the planning tool and to demonstrate its feasibility for resolving real world problem.
Keyword: Ant Colony Algorithm, Scheduling, Post-earthquake Response, Time-Space Network
Author: Bei Xu, Yuanbin Song
Journal Code: jptkomputergg150089

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