An Analytical Expression for k-connectivity of Wireless Ad Hoc Networks

Abstract: Over the last few years coverage and connectivity of wireless ad hoc networks have fascinated considerable attention. The presented paper analyses and investigates the issues of k-connectivity probability and its robustness in wireless ad hoc-network while considering fading techniques like lognormal fading, Rayleigh fading, and nakagami fading in the ad hoc communication environment, by means of shadowing and fading phenomenon. In case of k-connected wireless sensor network (WSNs), this technique permits the routing of data packets or messages via individual (one or more) of minimum k node disjoint communication paths, but the other remaining paths can also be used. The major contribution of the paper is mathematical expressions for k-connectivity probability.
Keywords: Log Normal Fading, Rayleigh Fading, Nakagami Fading, K-connectivity, Ad hoc network
Author: Nagesh kallollu Narayanaswamy, Satyanarayana D, M.N Giri Prasad
Journal Code: jptkomputergg140042

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