A Novel Technique for Fault-Tolerant Control of SinglePhase Induction Motor

Abstract: This research discusses about vector control of single-phase Induction Motor (IM) with two main and auxiliary windings under stator winding open-phase fault based on Indirect Rotor Flux-Oriented Control (IRFOC). Unlike conventional controller which can only be used for single-phase IM with twowindings, the proposed technique in this paper can also be used for single-phase IM under open-phasefault. The proposed fault-tolerant drive system in this paper is based on using transformation matrix.Simulations results confirm the validity of the theoretical analysis, shown that the performance of the proposed scheme is highly satisfactory for controlling both healthy and faulty.
Keywords: fault-tolerant control, single-phase induction motor, open-phase fault, indirect rotor fluxoriented control, transformation matrix
Author: Muhammad Jannati
Journal Code: jptkomputergg150104

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