A Novel Image Segmentation Algorithm Based on Graph Cut Optimization Problem

Abstract: Image segmentation, a fundamental task in computer vision, has been widely used in recent years in many fields. Dealing with the graph cut optimization problem obtains the image segmentationresults. In this study, a novel algorithm with weighted graphs was constructed to solve the imagesegmentation problem through minimization of an energy function. A binary vector of the segmentationlabel was defined to describe both the foreground and the background of an image. To demonstrate theeffectiveness of our proposed method, four various types of images were used to construct a series ofexperiments. Experimental results indicate that compared with other methods, the proposed algorithm can effectively promote the quality of image segmentation under three performance evaluation metrics, namely, misclassification error rate, rate of the number of background pixels, and the ratio of the number of wrongly classified foreground pixels.
Keywords: Image Segmentation, Graph Cut, Energy function, Pixel
Author: Zhang Guang-hua, Xiong Zhong-yang, Li Kuan, Xing Chang-yuan, Xia Shu-yin
Journal Code: jptkomputergg150048

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