A Novel DWT-Based Watermarking for Image with The SIFT

Abstract: A kind of scale invariant features transformation (SIFT for short) operators on DWT domain are proposed for watermarking algorithm. Firstly, the low frequency of the image is obtained by DWT. And then the SIFT transformation is used to calculate the key feature points for the low frequency sub-image. Based on the chosen space’s key points with moderate scale, a circular area as watermark embedding area is constructed. According to the research and final results, the novel digital watermark algorithm is proposed benefiting from the characteristics of SIFT’s key points and local time-frequency of DWT. The algorithm not only has good robustness to resist on such operations as compression, shearing, noise addition, median filtering and scaling, but also has good inhibition to possible watermark fake verification.
Keywords: watermarking, DWT, SIFT, robustness
Author:  Yuan Xu, Qiang Zhang, Changjun Zhou
Journal Code: jptkomputergg130038

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