A New Method of Trajectory Restoration at Intersection

Abstract: Floating car data (FCD) is vechiel’s position trace that is comes from Global Positioning System receivers.collected at the discrete time. FCD contains much information of traffic and road-network. Butthere are different level of trajectory shape damages because of the affection of sample frequency and running speed. So before the FCD mining, the first thing should be done is to restore track to make up for the loss. This paper analyzes the spatial-temporal characteristics of floating car trajectory at intersection, and builds an error recognition model and an adjustment algorithm. Experiments showed that this method can improve accuracy of trajectory restoration and its performance is better than existing method. Thus, the proposed method is practical for further data mining.
Keywords: floating car data, trajectory restoration, intersection, spatial-temporal characteristics
Author: Zheng Ke
Journal Code: jptkomputergg150035

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