A Camera Self-Calibration Method Based on Plane Lattice and Orthogonality

Abstract: The calibration using orthogonal line is one of the basic approaches of camera calibration, but it requires the orthogonal line be accurately detected, which makes results of error increases. This paper propose a novel camera self-calibration technique using plane lattices and virtual orthogonal line. The rigorous analytical relations among the feature point coordinates of the plane lattice, the corresponding image point coordinate, intrinsic parameters, relative pose are induced according to homography matrix of the central projection. Let a slope of non-parallel and non-orthogonal virtual line in the lattice plane, and the slope of its orthonormal line can be calculated. In at least three photographs taken, vanishing points can be solved in two groups of orthogonal directions by using the homography matrix, so the camera intrinsic parameters are linearly figured out. This method has both simple principle and convenient pattern manufacture, and does not involve image matching, besides having no requirement concerning camera motion. Simulation experiments and real data show that this algorithm is feasible, and provides a higher accuracy and robustness.
Keywords: camera self-calibration, intrinsic parameter, vanishing point, virtual line
Author: Yue Zhao, Jianchong Lei
Journal Code: jptkomputergg130108

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