Sistem Penjadwalan Pertandingan Pencak Silat Berbasis Algoritma Genetika

Abstract: Genetic Algorithm is one of famous algorithm and often used in many sector. Usually genetic algoritm is used in solution searching about complex problems. Pencak silat macth scheduling is a complex scheduling and needs a lot of time to made it. Objective this research implements a genetic algorithm as an algorithm which can solve the problem of pencak silat  macth scheduling and can satisfy all of hard constraint and minimize soft constraint.
In this research genetic algorithm roles as algorithm which solves pencak silat mach scheduling problems in Pimda 02 Tak Suci Bantul. Population which produced by genetic algorithm represents solution alternatives which offered. Best chromosome in a population represents macth scheduling solution. This solution is sequence of match partai based on rules of pencak silat match scheduling.
This research produces best fitness value ever in each generation is 1. More and more chromosom number and more and more generation number will make batter solution and batter fitness value. This research is expected helping pencak silat match committes make a pencak silat schedule in pencak silat championship.
Keywords: match scheduling, pencak silat, genetic algorithm
Penulis: Ari Kusuma Wardana, Sri Hartati
Kode Jurnal: jptinformatikadd170005

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