Abstrak: Laboratory of SMKN 2 Payakumbuh not well organized, whereas all activities in the laboratory requires administration, so that the laboratory can be functioned optimally. Informationtechnology is one way that can be used to simplify the administrative management of the laboratory.The aim of this research was to design and build a web-based laboratory information system inorder to facilitate the administrative management of the laboratory. Information systemdevelopment methods carried out by the approach of Object Oriented Programming (OOP) anddesigned using system modeling tools. Implementation of this information systems using webprogramming languages PHP, HTML, CSS, and Javascript by using CodeIgniter framework andMySQL as the database server. The information system can be accessed via web browser by teacher as user of goods in laboratory, laboran as laboratory activity manager, engineer asmanager of the broken equipment, and the head of the laboratory in main charge of the laboratory.Web Based Laboratory Information System of SMKN 2 Payakumbuh can help the administrativemanagement of the laboratory to booking, use, return and maintenance of laboratory instruments,manage laboratory activities and preparing reports, so that making the laboratory functioned more optimal.
Keywords: Laboratory, Web, Information Systems, CodeIgniter
Penulis: Sari Rahmadina Anori, Kasman Rukun, Yasdinul Huda
Kode Jurnal: jptinformatikadd170142

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