Rancang Bangun Plugin Protégé Menggunakan Ekspresi SPARQL-DL Dengan Masukan Bahasa Alami

Abstract: Semantic web is a technology that allows us to build a knowledge base or ontology for the information of the web page can be understood by computers. One software for building ontology-based semantic web is a protégé. Protege allows developers to develop an ontology with an expression of logic description. Protégé provides a plugin such as DL-Query and SPARQL-Query to display information that involve expression of class, property and individual in the ontology. The problem that then arises is DL-plugin Query only able to process the rules that involve expression of class to any object property, despite being equipped with the function of reasoning. while the SPARQL-Query plugin does not have reasoning abilities such as DL-Query plugin although the SPARQL-Query plugin can query memperoses rules involving class, property and individual. This research resulted in a new plugin using SPARQL-DL with input natural language as a protégé not provide a plugin with input natural language to see results from the combined expression-expression contained in the ontology that allows developers to view information ontology language that is easier to understand without having think of SPARQL query structure is complicated.
Keywords: Semantic Web, Protégé, Plugin,SPARQL-DL
Penulis: Muhammad Fahrurrozi
Kode Jurnal: jptinformatikadd170054

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