Abstract: PT Remaja Perdana Engineering is a company engaged in the field of industrial tanks made of steel. The company is located in JL. 224 Sukomanunggal, Surabaya. The products produced by this company are transportation tanks, water tanks and underground tanks that are useful as a media holding.
The system is currently used by the company to accept orders is by way of accommodating all orders coming from the customers, and will be scheduled in sequence according to the orders that come in advance which will be scheduled for production. If the company does not have a goodscheduling process, companies will experience difficulties in determining the production process come from customers.
On the explanation of the above in mind that problems encountered by PT Remaja PerdanaEngineering is the process by which it is known that production scheduling system used by thecompany is not effective, because the waiting time problem impacts on each slot machine. Uponthe impact, the company harmed due to the processing of the old product, are at risk of losingcustomer loyalty, customer will re-think to perform orders if the waiting time is too long. If theseproblems were not immediately given a solution then the company will suffer losses because thecompany was forced to reject orders which came due to suboptimal scheduling production owned by the company at this time.
Based on problems in the background above, then designed a scheduling optimization ofproduction applications up. The method used is to evaluate the methods included in this priority rule is first come first serve (FCFS), earliest due dates (EDD), Shortest procesing time (SPT),longest processing time (LPT). based on an evaluation of four methods will produce the bestmethod for any period, the evaluation was conducted based on parameters, namely the average resolution time, utilization, number of jobs, the delay in the work.
Keywords: Scheduling, comparison, production
Penulis: Alvin Indra Permana
Kode Jurnal: jptinformatikadd160799

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