Rancang Bangun Aplikasi Manajemen Lagu Pada Radio Republik Indonesia (RRI) PRO 2 FM Surabaya

Abstract: RRI (Radio Republic of Indonesia) is a radio belonging to the government of Indonesia . Based on the primary function of the radio RRI as radio broadcast music, there is a problem that has occurred during this time, where there are still many errors in playback that does not comply with the rules and policies established by the RRI Pro 2 FM. The subject matter has been already made a determination and standard rules in the song, but in actual rotating track managementprocess didn’t go well because they has depended on manual process MD and less obey the rules that has been established, while the need for an array of songs fit with the rules and the daily needs of each event on broadcast activities. With the application management PRO 2 FM song can create solution that is able to facilitate MD (Music Director) in presenting or rotating song with based on rules and policies song RRI PRO 2 FM so resulting in a daily or weekly playlist of songs that according to the rules RRI PRO 2 FM. The results of the research which is done by the management is able to produce the application of the regulation is based on the songs that had been established by PRO 2 FM, so that it can minimize human error in the process rotating song.
Keywords: Song of management, Rules and policy RRI PRO 2 FM
Penulis: Ariocky Agustinus
Kode Jurnal: jptinformatikadd160805

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