Perencanaan Strategis Sistem dan Teknologi Informasi Pada PT Timur Jaya Panel Surabaya

Abstract: The main business process at PT Timur Jaya Panel are buying, selling, and marketing production goods. The problems faced by this company is the production, selling, buying, and marketing section are not integrated so redundancy of data and lost of linkage betweeninformation resourced caused by data spread is happened. The usage of different application causing data has to be included back to the main application. The other problem is that there’s no IT development direction so the company can’t difference between desires and needs. All of thiscaused by no IT strategic planning since 2008-2015. To direct and to align development IT with business strategic, so the solution is to do a research with Anita Cassidy’s steps. The analysis method is activity chain, SWOT, PEST to analysis business process company and analysis methodSWOT, PEST, McFarlan to analysis IT to be designed. The results are document strategic planning STI filled with roadmap, budget planning, business case, and STI needs. These ITstrategic planning results 15 IT solutions such as 6 key operational applications, 6 supportapplications, 2 high potential applications, and a strategic application.
Keywords: IT strategic planning, Anita Cassidy, Activity Chain, SWOT, PEST, McFarlan
Penulis: Nico Prasetyo
Kode Jurnal: jptinformatikadd160774

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