Peranan Kontur dan Slope dalam Pengenalan Keaslian Tanda Tangan Menggunakan Dynamic Time Warping dan Polar Fourier Transform

Abstract: The writer has seen that so far signatures are just validated manually, so there is possibility to create a system for hand signature recognition.  The objective of this research is to improve the method for hand signature recognition using combination method with different characteristic. Contour and slope used for special feature in this research. Contour and slope from image will be applied using Dynamic Time Warping (DTW). Another extraction feature that been used was Polar Fourier Transform (PFT).   The method employed for classification are Support Vector Machine (SVM).From the research results, the writer obtains the fact that the combination between the DTW and PFT using SVM classification, provide the better results in verification of an authentic hand signature with the accuracy of 93.23%.  it is expected that from this research, the results can be utilized in the process of verification of an authentic hand signature in near future dailylife.
Keywords: Dynamic Time Warping; Polar Fourier Transform; Support Vector Machine; tanda tangan; kontur; slope
Penulis: Ignatia Dhian Estu Karisma Ratri, Hanung Adi Nugroho, Teguh Bharata Adji
Kode Jurnal: jptinformatikadd160996

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