Fuzzy Logic Inference System for Determining The Quality Assesment of Student’s Learning ICT

Abstract: The Assesment that held in the school is one of the learning process in education who do it by teacher. One of the course that exemined is Computer Application. In the computer application have 3 topic, they are Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Power Point. The assesment for student’s at politecnic about learning computer application have 3 criteria in the selection. First of all, the students have ability to operate computer system generaly, it has understanding the formula on microsoft excel, the students have skill toward any application. In this study, fuzzy logic used for determining the quality assesment of stundent’s learning Information and Comunication Technology (ICT) as a tools to analyze any constraint that are known as min-max method. As a result, we have found that the students have good for analyzing in the application from the each question or case of study when the course it has been examined.
Keywords: Assesment, Fuzzy Logic, Quality, Computer Application, Course
Penulis: Agus Pamuji
Kode Jurnal: jptinformatikadd170139

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