Expert System Diagnosis Dental Disease Using Certainty Factor Method

Abstract: Technological development is growing rapidly among with the increasing of human needs especially in mobile technology where the technology that often be used is android. The existence of this android facilitates the user in access of information. This android can be used for healthy needs, for example is detecting dental disease. One of the branches of computer science that can help society in detecting dental disease is expert system. In this research, making expert system to diagnosis dental disease by using certainty factor method. Dental disease diagnosis application can diagnose the patient based on griping of the patient about dental disease so it can be obtained diseases possibility of the patient itself. This application is an expert system application that operates on android platform. Furthermore, in the measurement accuracy of the system test performed by 20 patients, there were 19 cases of corresponding and 1 cases that do not fit. So, from system testing performed by 20 patients resulted in a 95% accuracy rate.
Keywords: Expert System, Dental Disease, Certainty Factor, Android
Penulis: Whisnu Ulinnuha Setiabudi, Endang Sugiharti, Florentina Yuni Arini
Kode Jurnal: jptinformatikadd170133

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