Evaluasi Kapabilitas Sistem Informasi Manajemen Akuntansi Barang Milik Negara di Satuan Kerja TNI Angkatan Laut

Abstract: Information Technology (IT) on Government good Accounting management of Information System (SIMAK BMN) is a computer system built by economic ministry. SIMAK BMN in government is a needed information system as a tool to responsible of using APBN, and it’s a function to serve  a result of economic report transparently and accountable. A military SIMAK BMN reported by work unit of Navy as unit of accounting unit which using good responsibility. It’s determine the opine adjustment of BPK RI such as proper without exception (WTP), Proper with Exception (WDP), It does not proper, and disclaimer. Using SIMAK BMN in UAKPB has an important position. But it has never been determined so it has never known it’s efficiently and capability of managing the information technology. Knowing the problem is needs a research and finding to know how far the determined result of capability process SIMAN BMN information technology. The research is repairing management and the system is used optimally. The research method is using framework COBIT5. The method is the way how it determines the respondent answer from questioners which is built using Monitor Domain, Evaluate and Assess (MEA). It is focusing on a watch, adjust, and regularly of all information  technology system used. According to the answer  from responder, it will be got the level capability MEA01 is 3,71, MEA02 is 2,38, and MEA03 is 3,67. The average score is 3,26. It is in level 3 (Established process) form 0-5. Getting the hoping capability, it is advised by developing performance of SIMAK BMN information technology in the future.
Keywords: SIMAK BMN, COBIT5, level capability, domain MEA
Penulis: Suhardi, Zulfa Fitri Ikatrinasari
Kode Jurnal: jptindustridd160435

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