Desain Organisasi Kerja Stasiun Blanket Basah Berbasis Ergonomi di Industri Karet Palembang

Abstract: Achievement of factory capacity and bottleneck of production process is depend on the environment conditions and work organization. Design of work organization at wet blanket workstation did not ergonomically designed. It was not design matching between the ability, skill and limitations of workers with tasks, work organization and environment, through a pattern of the work system pairs authorized a 30 minute break after working 30 minutes, giving a nutrition in the form of sweet tea and pempek snack, and giving a personal protective equipment based on ergonomics. This study was treatment by subject design with a sample of 17 workers with the old design of work organization (P0) and with the new design of work organization based on ergonomics contitions (P1). The research results are decreased of the workload 16.06% ± 4.68%, musculoskeletal complaints 21.02% ± 6.77%, and the product results/shift increased by 20.29% ± 5.88%.
Keywords: ergonomics, rubber industry, work organization, workers productivity
Penulis: Heri Setiawan
Kode Jurnal: jptindustridd140631

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