Use of ozoniser to kill bacteria in the beverage industry and water wells revile population

Abstract: Refill beverage product that is widely available throughout the city in Indonesia feared contain contaminants that can damage the health. While industrial activity in Indonesia does notunderstand the nature of the ecosystem around it, which can cause environmental contamination.Ozone technology is a technology that has the ability to suppress bacteria, carried out at lowtemperature (20-25° C), do not turn off the eye grows, the process is simple, low operating cost, environmentally friendly and clean work area. Plasma ozonizer used to capacity: PLN 220 V source voltage and 50 Hz, input voltage 25 kV dielectric (no load), frequency of 4 kHz high  voltage, 3L/minute Air Flow Rate, Power type ozonizer tube coaxial with the surface area of 60cm2 and dielectric materials of glass, ozone production rate of 0.01 mg/sec. From the results ofresearch on a number of drinking water refill in Yogyakarta area showed bacteria E. Coli between 20-36 MPN/100 mL. While some area residents Yogyakarta wells producing bacteria E. Colibetween 150-460 MPN/100 mL, with the ozonation process of the bacteria are all dead. From theresearch it can be used for Plasma Ozonizer beverage and health care industries.
Author: KT Basuki
Journal Code: jpkimiagg170006

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