The Roles of Hydrazine and Ethylenediamine in Wet Synthesis of Cu Nanowire

ABSTRACT: It has been done wet synthesis Cu nano wire using CuNO3 as precursor and hydrazine as a reductor agent and ethylene diamine as polymer capping agent. The synthesis was done in excessive sodium hydroxide using different volume of hydrazine and  ethylenediamnie (EDA) to seek the optimum condition of the targeted nano wire. The study revealed that the  condition in obtaining various nano wire sizes, in terms of  length and diameter, to be possibly controlled by varying the volume of hydrazine and ethylenediamnie.
KEYWORDS: Cu nano wire; hydrazine; wet synthesis; EDA
Author: Harsojo, Lutfi Ayu Puspita, Dedi Mardiansyah, Roto Roto, Kuwat Triyana
Journal Code: jpkimiagg170028

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