Abstract: Science learning module based on Science, Environment, Technology, and Society (SETS) is one of the teaching approach that help students and teachers in the learning process. The study is a research development that was designed to produce a product of Science Learning Module Based on SETS in Junior High School. This research aims to: (1)  describe validity of science learning module based on SETS, (2) describe the student’s learning achievement in using sciense learning module based on SETS, and (3) describe the student’s response to science learning module based on SETS. The design development that was used in this research is 4-D development model, which has been applied in  SMP Negeri 1 Rambipuji. The result of the research are: (1) validation in instructional review is 4.08 and in technical review is 4.53, so the products is declared valid in instructional review and in technical review, (2) student’s learning achievement is 83.51 included in the high interval and the percentage of student’s learning achievement is 69.3% relatively high, and (3) student’s responses is categorized positive for every aspect on the questionnaire. From the analysis, the conclusion of this research which the product of the science learning module based on by SETS is categorized as valid, the student’s learning achievement and student’s responses after using this product is categorized as high interval.
Key word: science learning module, SETS, validity, student’s learning achievement, student’s responses
Penulis: Defrin Yuniar Kartika Sari, Sri Wahyuni, Bambang Supriyadi
Kode Jurnal: jpfisikadd160401

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