PengaruhPenambahan Alumina (0 dan 10wt%) Terhadap Karakteristik Termal (DTA-TGA) dan Konduktivitas Termal Bahan Keramik Cordierite Berbasis Silika Sekam Padi

Abstract: This study was carried out to investigate the effect ofalumina on the physicalcharacteristics, microstructure, andelectrical conductivity of cordierite. Silica obtained from rice husk through sol-gel method, while alumina and magnesium were obtained from Sigma-Aldrich. Cordierite was synthesizedbythe solid state method and sintered at1200°C. The measurement results revealed that the addition of alumina on cordierite reduceddensity and increasedporosity. The Differensial Thermal Analysis (DTA) at 694oC for C1 and 649,9oC for C2showed that there iscristobalite phase of rice husk and spinel phase has also been established. The results of the thermal conductivity C2 is high at 12.97 W/mKbecause a sample is homogeneous.
Keywords: cordierite, DTA-TGA, rice husk, and thermal conduktivity
Penulis: Nesya Tamalia, Simon Sembiring, Wasinton Simanjuntak
Kode Jurnal: jpfisikadd170086

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