Pengaruh Penambahan Periclase (0,10,15)% Terhadap Karakteristik Struktur dan Kekerasan Cordierite

Abstract: Synthesis and characterization of cordierite-based rice husk silica has been conducted byMgO 0, 10, and 15wt%.Preparation of cordierite usesilica rice husk, MgO,and Al2O3. Silica were extracted byalkalis method using1,5% NaOH solution and 10% HNO3. The samples were sintered at temperature of 1250°C. The characteristics of structure were analysed by X-Ray Diffraction (XRD) coupled with Rietveld analysis and microhardness tester. XRD result showed the presences are cordierite, spinel, and forsterite. The increasing MgO of sample has made cordierite to be dissapeared, and the mass fraction spinel decreased while forsterite was increasing. The result of measurement showed that the addition of MgO on cordierite reduced hardness as well as increased porosity.
Keywords: Cordierite,MgO, rice husk silica, solid state reaction
Penulis: Anggita Maharani, Simon Sembiring, Bambang Joko Suroto
Kode Jurnal: jpfisikadd170088

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