Abstract: The purpose of this research are to analyze the effect ofaudiosonicwave and restrictions of the frequency that the behavior (the number ofperch) ofMusca domestica at different temperatures. This type of research are an experimental research that using method observational. The datagainededis the number of Musca domestica that settled in the glass cubeafter being given audiosonic wave frequency of 20 Hz - 16 kHz. MP4 file andTOSHIBA NB500 was tool used to made frequency of the wave audiosonic,at 27oC , 30o C and 35o C.It can concluded that the research is success, attemperature 27oC, 30oC and 35oC.The top range of frequency that may affectthe behavior of Musca domesticais about 15 kHz – 16 kHz with the largestpercentage of the number as many as 92 % at a temperature of 27oC and the smallest number as many as 80% at a temperature of 30o. Meanwhile, the lowestaudiosonic frequency is about 100 Hz – 499 Hz. The largestpercentage of number of house flies perched is 60% at a temperature of 27oC and the smallest percentage is 36% at temperature 35oC.
Key word: Audiosonic frequency, house flies, the air temperature
Penulis: Abdul Yasid, Yushardi, Rif’ati Dina Handayani
Kode Jurnal: jpfisikadd160405

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