Abstract: The increasingly widespread phenomenon of children sexual abuse lead to intervention and prevention efforts in overcome the malicious effects of sexual abuse against children. Various ideas have been triggered mental health experts, in order to prevent the occurrence of sexual abuse against children. One of many efforts that praised by international community is teaching personal safety skills to children, this method was popularized by Bagley and King in 2004. Personal safety skills are a set of skills that need to be owned by children, so that they can refrain themselves from perpetrators of sexual abuse and the situations that allow sexual abuse, children are also taught to recognize the sensitive parts of their body, how to maintain personal limbs of another person touches that make them uncomfortable, and reported perpetrators of sexual abuse to trusted adult. This paper aims to explain the phenomenon of sexual abuse againstchildren, and how the prevention of children sexual abuse can be done through teaching personal safety skills. Children with personal safety skills have a strong tendency to recognize, resist and report the situations that allow sexual abuse.
Key words: Children sexual abuse, personal safety skills
Penulis: Esya Anesty Mashudi
Kode Jurnal: jppaudsddd151515

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