ABSTRACT: Brick is one of building materials derived from clay. The manufacturing process is with or without the use of substances mixing with the process of combustion at high temperatures. One of the mixing substances is derived from the rind cacao ash and its function is as an adhesive on the bricks.The purpose of this research is to understand the characteristics of brick as effect ofcocoa rind as the value of compressive strength, porosity, water absorption and weight of abrick. The main materials of brick production are clays and trass ground which are mixedhomogeneous with ratio 1 : 2 by varying cocoa rind ash additional by 5%, 10%, and 15%. Theresult is the compressive strength of the bricks using rind cocoa ash is 392.2 kg/cm3 higher value than traditional brick is 56.1 kg/cm3.
Keywords: Brick, cocoa rind ash, compressive strength
Penulis: ulyazmi, Erti Praputri, Zulfiandriana, dan Widya Wahyuni
Kode Jurnal: jpkimiadd150683

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