Abstract: The research focused on the application of project-based learning model in teaching physics. The purpose of this study was to examine differences inachievement of students with project-based learning model, examines theexperimental class learning activities with project-based learning model and assessthe students' response to project-based learning model. This type of research is trueexperiment with post test only control group design. The study population werestudents of class X SMA PGRI KASIYAN (2015/2016). Data collection techniquesare observation, testing, documentation, interviews, and portfolios. Data were analyzed student learning outcomes by using independent sample t-test with SPSS16. The results of this study are: (1) the data of student achievement by using independent sample t-test, the value of t on the same variants are not assumed is -1.477 with a value significance (2-tailed) 0,146. Sig value ≥ 0.05 is 0,146 so that Ha rejected. (2) the average experimental class learning activities 85.84%, (3) theresponse grade students experiment with projects based models gained an averageof 73, 27%. It was concluded that: 1) there was no significant difference in studentachievement between classes using a model of project-based learning and classroom use direct instructional model in physics teaching in SMA PGRI Kasiyan, 2) activitygrade students experiment with a model of project-based learning in SMA PGRI Kasiyan included in the high criteria, 3) students' response to project-based learning model in SMA PGRI Kasiyan included in the criteria fairly.
Keywords: achievement, project-based learning model, learning activities, response
Penulis: Yulita Dyah Kristanti
Kode Jurnal: jpfisikadd160415

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