Manifestasi Keluarga dalam Membentuk Kepribadian Anak Usia Dini

ABSTRACT: Education will always take place in his journey through the ages. This continuity of existence dotted beneath the education that will always lead the students toward their maturation itself. Directions increasingly globalized education is one indicator that the direction and quality of education in the future should compete with the dynamics of globalism itself. Globalization is leaning completely to rapid system and information technology will rein in education to go hand in hand with the dynamic development of the runs. Based on the fact, this globality, education policy directions create the best quality of education undoubtedly questionable. The question is also grounded to the probability of an education that will actively work together on the development period of increasingly rapid and efforts to preserve the culture social adiluhur to be completed. Therefore, the manifestation of moral values   and moral education into the general atmosphere that needs to be realized in order to counterbalance an increasingly global world develops rapidly. Families in growth will play an important role to teach and educate their children get a good education. Good quality education will make the children in the family was able to infiltrate the globalization movement that had been made man to be materialistic at all end of life. Barometer of all the activities he did more orient to the achievements of the material alone. So in the end, the quality of education being taught more point out to the objectification of the material rather than spiritual fulfillment. In this situation, the education that starts from the family will fortify all the pace of globalization that is becoming more effective and valuable.
KEYWORDS: Family Education, Globalization, Education Quality, Positive, Socialization
Penulis: Mas'udi
Kode Jurnal: jppaudsddd151610

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