Guidebook of Basic Analytical Chemistry Lecture using Laboratory Inquiry-Based Activity to Develop Multiple Intelligence

Abstract: This study aims to generate a guidebook of basic analytical chemistry lecture (Kimia AnalitikDasar (KAD))using laboratory inquiry-based activity that can increase theMultiple Intelligence of chemistry teacher candidates. Multiple Intelligence which should bedevelopedrelating to the lecture of basic analytical chemistry laboratory improve logicalmathematical intelligence, and interpersonal, intrapersonal intelligences. This study uses thedesign of the 4D model development (define, design, develop, and disseminate), of Thiagarajan et al, (1974). The basic analytical chemistry lecture guidance book applies  laboratory inquiry-based activity that was developed and validated by three experts, with thevalid result. After obtaining a validated model by experts, it then wasused by 12 students of the6th semester, with the result that there was little revision on the work instructions, while thecontents are understandable enough. After that, the gudance book was brought into the next level of implementation. The result is quite satisfying with the record of reaching 84% -96% of usage. In addition, the usage of the guidebook also contributes toward the development of intrapersonal intelligence rates at the highest of 92% on metacognition indicator, 100% on the indicator of listening to other, and 56% on Logical Mathematic of mathematic operations indicator.
Author:  Wardani and Sumarti
Journal Code: jpkimiagg170009

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