Effectiveness of Problem Based-Assisted Instruction Student Worksheet Guided-Inquiry-Based Learning in Chemistry

Abstract: This study aims to determine the effectiveness of problem-based learninginstruction-aided student worksheets based guided-inquiry in learning chemistry. This study was an experimental study. The study design using posttest only control group design.Treatment group and control group is selected by cluster random sampling. The population in this study is a class XI student of a school in a city in Central Java. Data were collectedby documentation, observation, testing, and questionnaires. Learning outcomes measured inthis study include knowledge, attitudes, and skills. Posttest results of data analysis showed that the treatment group classical completeness of 82.86% and the control group of 58.33%.Results of votes on the attitude of the treatment group of higher-class control while beingpolite treatment group lower than the control group. Skills treatment group is higher than the control group in all aspects. Therefore, the problem based learning-instruction-aidedstudent worksheets based guided inquiry learning is less effective in chemistry.
Keywords: guided inquiry; classical completeness; problem based-instruction
Author: M. Nuswowati and Nofiyanti
Journal Code: jpkimiagg170014

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